May 11, 2017

Viking Cold Makes Cost-Efficient Energy Decisions

Cold Storage, Supermarket

Viking Cold is a thermal energy storage company transforming the cold chain in the cold storage and supermarket industries. Though the refrigeration industry can be slow to change, Viking Cold has caused major disruption by creating solutions and technologies that make cost-efficient energy decisions while protecting the integrity of the products stored.

How do we do it?

It’s simple. We specialize in energy efficiency through Thermal Energy Storage (TES), using Phase Change Material cells placed inside your freezer. We leverage the existing refrigeration system to effectively move heat in and out of the TES cells in lieu of the food. We leverage airflow from the existing refrigeration evaporator to manage the heat infiltration. The system reduces equipment runtime, provides greater temperature stability, and ensures greater food protection.

The combination of TES cells together with intelligent controls:

  • Reduces equipment runtime and shifts load to off-peak periods so that you can decide when and how to consume power
  • Provides thermal backup protection in the event of a mechanical failure or power outage
  • Monitors freezer equipment and temperatures 24/7
  • Is a sustainable passive system with 20+ year product life which helps reduce carbon footprint

The reduction in energy consumption has improved our bottom line and the real-time monitoring has been invaluable in helping us recognize and address equipment issues before expensive problems arise.” Bill Kohn, CEO of Frozen Gourmet.

By taking a simple concept in cold storage and applying it on an industrial scale, Viking Cold helps customers save an average of 20%-35% on their electricity costs.

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