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Viking Cold Solutions makes the world’s cold storage systems more efficient.

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Thermal Energy Storage™
Efficiency, Flexibility, Resiliency Across the Global Cold Chain

Viking Cold Solutions is a thermal energy management company focused on making the world’s cold storage systems more efficient, flexible, and resilient. Expanding rapidly through the US and internationally, Viking Cold provides environmentally friendly thermal energy storage that is proven to significantly reduce operational costs and business risk for cold storage and supermarkets with high refrigeration-based energy loads. With deep expertise in cold storage energy management, supermarket energy management, and thermal energy storage systems, Viking Cold Solutions understands the business and operational challenges faced throughout the global cold chain, and is committed to delivering clear and measurable benefits for both the planet and clients’ businesses.


Our History

The origin of Viking Cold’s Thermal Energy Storage (TES) in freezers came from the need for improved energy efficiency and food protection in the low-temperature cold chain. Starting with frozen shipping containers, our founder Paul Robbins developed a method of combining Phase Change Materials (PCM), intelligent controls, and monitoring software which could integrate with existing refrigeration systems across the cold chain.

With the proven solution and patent in hand, in 2011 Paul started Viking Cold Solutions, Inc. in Jacksonville Florida.  He quickly recognized the opportunity beyond shipping containers and applied the technology to cold storage warehouses in Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and Bermuda, where electricity rates were high and the temperatures very demanding.

During 2012 Viking Cold entered the domestic US market and by early 2013 had found new partners and financing to drive this expansion. The company relocated to Houston, Texas, to be positioned more centrally in the supply chain and to more easily access customers.

Over the next several years Viking Cold completed a third-party (California Public Utilities Commission) validation study that confirmed the technology’s benefits, gained acceptance from numerous utilities across the country, and successfully installed TES systems in California, Texas, Florida, and Massachusetts. Today, the company’s technology is being installed in cold storage warehouses, supermarkets, restaurants, and food processing facilities throughout the US, Mexico, the Caribbean, Australia and has proposals to install on three more continents in 2020.

Viking Cold’s innovative TES technology is transforming the energy efficiency of the Cold Chain while protecting the world’s food supply and reducing the carbon footprint of refrigeration.

Energy Savings For Our Customers:


Viking Cold has saved clients tens of thousands of MWh, reduced carbon footprint by tens of thousands of metric tons, and mitigated over $16M of product loss. Efficient installation processes ensure that systems are installed with no significant impact on ongoing operations, and industry-leading technology delivers outstanding cost savings and environmental benefits, with a swift return on investment.

Meet the Viking Cold Leadership Team

James M. Bell Jr.
James M. Bell Jr.
President and Chief Executive Officer

James joined the company in 2014 as President and was appointed CEO in 2015. He brings execution and leadership skills honed from 25 years in operating companies, investment banking, and the military. His success in building businesses spans the energy and investment banking industries and his leadership stems from his career as a Marine Officer. Mr. Bell received his BA from Texas A&M University, and earned a jointly-issued TRIUM MBA from NYU Stern, HEC School of Management, and the London School of Economics.

Michael “Mike” Davis
Michael “Mike” Davis
Vice President, Finance and Human Resources

Mike provides strategic business leadership and direction to the Company. Mike is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in Florida and Georgia and was in private practice for five years. He served 10 years as First Coast Service Options. (FCSO) Vice President Financial Operations and Chief Financial Officer. FCSO is a wholly owned subsidiary of BlueCross BlueShield of Florida, Inc. Mike holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business and Pre-Medicine from Rollins College and an MBA from Tulane University.

Board Of Directors

The Viking Cold Solutions board is comprised of prominent industry executives. The board collectively has over one hundred years of relevant industry leadership and actively promotes our company’s market advantage.

Paul Robbins

Founder and Chairman, Viking Cold Solutions.
Former President Caribbean Shipping

Don W. McGeorge

Former President and COO The Kroger Co.
Family of Stores (NYSE: KR)

James Bell

President and CEO, Viking Cold Solutions.
President Liberty Venture Group LLC

Steven Webster

Founder and Co-CEO,
Avista Capital Partners

Hank Bonar, II

CEO, Bonar Engineering & Design

Jonathan Fairbanks

Founder & Managing Partner, GEC

Join Our Team

Viking Cold Solutions is looking for energetic talent to join our team and be part of our success.

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