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95% reduction of overnight grid-sourced energy with Thermal Energy Storage and LCOE < 2¢ per kWh
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Solar + Thermal Energy Storage

Solar energy is, by some studies, the cheapest form of electrical energy generation, as well as the cleanest, delivering exceptional benefits for both the planet and for businesses. Yet, in order to maximize the return on solar requires an efficient way to store that energy and flexibility for its future use.

Viking Cold has developed the only proven, environmentally friendly way to store solar energy in the cold storage market (the highest energy demand per cubic foot of any industrial category), reviewed by the third-party Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council Study.


The solution is the combination of solar generation and Thermal Energy Storage (TES). Our TES system allows you to store solar energy in the form of cold and then release that energy when it’s most cost effective.

The Viking Cold TES system has no mechanical components and is the perfect solution to managing demand and solar shift (the “duck curve”) for your facility. We leverage the existing refrigeration equipment to minimize energy costs while simultaneously maintaining temperature control.

Learn how PV Generation + Thermal Energy Storage reduced overnight grid energy usage by 95% and reduced overall refrigeration energy consumption by 39% at the San Diego Food Bank’s 90,000 square foot warehouse.

How can long-duration thermal energy storage increase your return on solar investments? Read more about the most environmentally-friendly energy storage technology that also has an LCOE of less than 2 cents per kWh.

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Green, Cost-Effective Solar Thermal Energy Storage Solution Viking Cold Solutions™ Delivers Green, Cost-Effective Solar Thermal Energy Storage Solution to Help San Diego Food Bank Reduce Grid Energy Consumption by 95%

Thermal Energy Storage (TES) is an effective energy savings strategy that allows excess thermal energy to be collected and stored for later use—most typically when electrical utility demand charges are at their daily peak. TES systems have been in use for decades, mainly to lower energy costs and ease grid demand for air conditioning applications. Players in other energy intensive applications such as refrigeration and cold food storage are now investigating the potential of TES as a means of moving away from an inflexible U.S. electrical grid system and toward a low-carbon energy generation future.

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