Utility & Grid Benefits of Thermal Energy Storage

Behind-the-Meter Storage + Efficiency to Manage the 24/7 Demand of C&I Cold Storage Facilities
See How TES Works

Long-Duration Thermal Energy Storage

Why should public and private utilities focus on cold storage facilities? Because they have the #1 highest demand per cubic foot and the #3 highest consumption of any industrial category on the grid. And now there is a customer-located energy storage medium that can handle the formerly inaccessible high demand and continuous refrigeration equipment run time required to operate these facilities. Operators in this industry, which consumes over $30 billion USD worth of electricity annually to keep food cold, now have the flexibility to determine how they purchase, store, and consume that energy.


Viking Cold’s long-duration Thermal Energy Storage (TES) technology sits behind the meter and leverages the heat transference properties of phase change material, intelligent controls, and 24/7 monitoring and reporting software to reduce energy consumption and shift time-of-use for up to 13 hours per day while better maintaining stable freezer temperatures to safeguard frozen product.

This happens because the TES systems allow the energy intensive refrigeration equipment to be turned off for long periods of time during peak periods, or at times when renewable energy sources go offline, to flatten out demand spikes. TES now provides utilities access to the enormous load of the cold storage industry for additional grid capacity and resiliency. This newly accessible load helps utilities delay costly infrastructure projects and provides a path to engagement with commercial and industrial customers. Viking Colds TES technology has been tested, accepted, and incentivized in many utilities projects across North America (Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric, Pacific Gas & Electric, Eversource, Xcel Energy, and more), and our systems are installed and running in multiple countries.

Utility Benefits of Thermal Energy Storage

Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) < 2 cents per kWh

Long-duration, behind-the-meter storage + efficiency

Stores up to 500 kW, discharges up to 13 hrs/day/facility

Quick, easy install: 1000s of existing C&I refrigerated facilities

Addresses variability of renewables

24/7 Remote monitoring & notification

Utility tested, accepted, and incentivized technology


Learn how one industrial warehouse in PG&E territory (in video above) reduced consumption 43% and demand 29% for 13 hours per day, six days per week with long-duration Thermal Energy Storage.

TES Reduces Energy Consumption

Learn more about the grid benefits and demand shifting capabilities of Thermal Energy Storage technology in the heavy load and high demand sector of cold storage.

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