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Reduce your refrigeration energy costs by 20%-35%.
Efficiency, Flexibility, Sustainability
Protecting Food, Reducing Energy Costs, Stabilizing the Grid, Improving the Planet
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Viking Cold Solutions™ is a thermal energy management company focused on making the world’s cold storage systems more efficient, flexible, and sustainable. 

Our Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Systems have been installed inside cold storage facilities and supermarkets around the world, each with its own unique application. Adding TES provides efficiency and flexibility for improved demand management, temperature stability, cost savings, and sustainability.

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Improved Sustainability & More Resiliency for the Power Grid and the Global Food Supply

In order to improve the health of our planet, businesses must act to reduce their energy usage and carbon emissions. Luckily, the foodservice, cold storage, and energy industries have an incredible solution that adds sustainability and resiliency while better protecting the food: Thermal Energy Storage. Many facilities in these industries run refrigeration equipment nearly non-stop, which accounts for over $40 billion in energy costs per year. Energy Efficient, Flexible, Resilient, and Sustainable Viking Cold is a thermal energy management company that makes cold storage facilities more energy efficient, flexible and sustainable with our thermal energy storage (TES) technology.

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Viking Cold Thermal Energy Storage System - Frozen Gourmet Case Study: Warehouse Drops Consumption 43% and Peak Demand 29% for 13 Hours

Viking Cold Solutions, Inc. conducted a Measurement and Verification (M&V) study of its thermal energy storage (TES) technology installed in Dreisbach Enterprises' 93,000 square foot low-temperature cold storage warehouse in Richmond, CA. The objectives of the M&V study were to determine the effectiveness of TES on energy efficiency and temperature stability with an ammonia-based refrigeration system. The utility rate plan for this facility includes increased pricing for kWh consumption and peak kW demand during a 13-hour peak period (8:30 am to 9:30 pm) Monday through Friday that accounts for nearly 50% of the annual energy costs at the Dreisbach facility.

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GCCA Webinar Balancing Energy Costs and Temperature Stability GCCA: Cold Chain Innovations Webinar Series

Viking Cold Solutions, Inc. and Dreisbach Enterprises were selected to be first presenters in a brand new webinar series hosted by the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) and brought to you by Tippman Innovation.  Collin Coker of Viking Cold and Jason Dreisbach of Dreisbach Enterprises share how Thermal Energy Storage has helped Dreisbach's California facility re-balance the scale between temperature stability and energy charges for low-temperature cold storage facilities.  They talk through data-backed information on how thermal energy storage serves as a much-needed heat sink to balance energy and protect customers' products. Jason further describes why his company chose to embrace this thermal energy solution, describes their experience with installation, and how the technology transformed their operation. View the webinar playback here.

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