Efficient Cold Storage
Easy installation and a proven technology delivers up to 35% refrigeration cost savings.
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is among the top two operational expenses for a cold storage facility.

High Costs

Peak demand charges can be up to 70% of your electricity bill.

24 hours a day

Temperature control is required around the clock to keep food safe.


Viking Cold’s Thermal Energy Storage System makes it possible for cold storage facilities to protect what is vital while intelligently storing and deploying refrigeration to reduce energy costs. Our Thermal Energy Storage System is a passive system that never needs maintenance and works in parallel with existing refrigeration systems. As a result, electricity peak demand is reduced by up to 90 percent, a significant cost savings.

The system can be easily installed without any upgrades to your current refrigeration equipment, adding redundancy and maximizing savings.

cold storage refrigeration system


Peak Period Reduction English


Protection From Rising Peak Energy Charges

Viking Cold’s System stores thermal energy during low cost periods of the day and uses it during high cost periods of the day saving you up to 90% of peak demand charges.

 Protection That Lasts

The Viking Cold solution is designed to last 20 years, has no moving parts and is maintenance free. Unlike competing products, the system is easy to install and works alongside your existing refrigeration equipment.

 Thermal Backup Protection

When the power goes out or mechanical systems fail, Viking Cold systems keeps your facility cold. Your business is protected from costly product loss.

 Protection In Real-time

Our monitoring and reporting system provides predictive tools to protect your business. When refrigeration begins to degrade, alarms provide early warning before expensive problems arise.

 Protection For Your Bottom Line

Viking Cold Solutions™ will work with your company to install a system tailored to your business, with many flexible purchase options to protect your balance sheet.

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storage boxes in cold storage


Viking Cold Solutions™ enables companies to achieve a 20%-35% reduction in energy consumption.

heat rises and is absorbed by phase change material

Heat rises and is absorbed by TES modules

heat is removed

Heat is efficiently removed from TES modules by the chiller fans


Phase Change Material (PCM)

  • Viking Cold proprietary formulations
  • Solutions of water and inorganic salts
  • Environmentally safe and non-toxic
  • Engineered for specific temperatures
  • Available -20°F to +32°F

TES Modules

  • Individually sealed bottles of PCM
  • High surface area ratio
  • Efficient heat transfer
  • Variety of installation options


  • Central microprocessor controller
  • Multiple temperature sensors
  • Equipment energy meters

Viking Cold proprietary algorithms

  • Keeps food safe at stable temperature
  • Optimizes thermal energy storage
  • Optimizes energy consumption
  • Minimizes equipment runtime
  • Programmable to change schedules for load shift or demand response


Temperature monitoring & alarms

  • Ensures food is protected at safe temps
  • Product assurance records

Equipment monitoring & alarms

  • Ensures proper equipment function
  • Preventive maintenance data

Energy monitoring & reporting

  • Optimizes energy savings by monitoring energy consumption in real time
  • Energy efficiency reports and recommendations


A patented process for delivering real returns on your energy efficiency investment.  This provides quantifiable value in commercial and industrial temperature controlled facilities.


Viking Cold industrial refrigeration system

Viking Cold Solutions™ commercial and industrial freezer installations have demonstrated internationally sustained 20%-35% reduction in kilowatt hour (“kWh”) consumption and 30%-40% reduction in mechanical unit run-time.

Our Solutions are successfully installed in:

  • Industrial and Commercial retail freezers
  • Refrigerated warehousing, logistics, transportation and distribution freezers
  • Multi-site restaurant and grocery store freezers


Viking Cold industrial refrigeration system

Viking Cold Solutions™ has developed processes and technology to improve overall system energy and temperature performance, resulting in a world-class refrigeration solution.

Sophisticated software algorithms optimized in real-world deployments combined with state-of- the-art measurement components are the core of our innovation.

  • Green energy technologies designed and integrated to reduce carbon footprint
  • Delivering proven economic results that are scalable from a single location to enterprise-wide deployments
  • Viking Cold Solutions™ has a broad and strong patent which covers refrigerated warehousing, logistics, transportation, and distribution


Viking Cold industrial refrigeration

Our proprietary algorithms and energy management software optimize thermal energy performance and energy efficiencies within a facility thereby reducing consumption, shifting demand and yielding lower costs. Viking Cold Solutions™ remote connectivity gives managers real-time desktop data and remote command and control at both the single location and total enterprise levels.

  • 5-year software development investment
  • Proprietary algorithms in energy management optimization
  • Cloud access gives managers real time command and control


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