Efficient & Resilient Cold Storage Warehouses

Easy installation, 20-35% refrigeration energy savings, 3X longer thermal resiliency.
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Thermal Energy Storage for Warehouses

Viking Cold’s Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems allow cold storage operators to cut energy costs up to 50%, better protect food, and improve facility resiliency. By absorbing and consolidating up to 85% of the heat infiltration, TES allows refrigeration systems to be safely cycled off for up to 13 hours each day to avoid demand or time-of-use energy fees while maintaining stable temperatures. In addition to this flexibility, TES systems increase refrigeration system efficiency an average of 26%.

Our TES systems easily integrate with existing refrigeration systems, controls, and racking structures and have been installed inside commercial and industrial frozen food warehouses and distribution centers around the world.

Cold Storage Benefits of TES
Reduce Energy Costs Up to 50%
  • Improve efficiency an average of 26%
  • Shift load up to 13 hours to avoid demand and time-of-use charges
  • Lower pricing through demand reduction
  • Increases return on renewable energy investments by pairing them with efficient long-duration storage
Improve Refrigeration Efficiency Over 25%
  • Shift more run time to night
  • Run compressors at maximum designed efficiency
  • Absorb & consolidate up to 85% of heat in refrigeration air flow
  • No moving parts that require additional energy
  • PCM transfers heat 8X faster than food
Improve Temperature Resiliency & Stability
  • 3X longer temperture resiliency during power loss or equipment failure
  • Absorbs and consolidates 50 to 85% of heat infiltration
  • Reduces temperature stratification
  • Reduces temperature fluctuations by half
  • 24/7 remote monitoring & notification service
Extend Refrigeration Equipment Life
  • Reduce refrigeration mechanical run time
  • 24/7 monitoring & notification of equipment status
  • Add component-level visibility with actionable data
  • Reduce existing maintenance costs
  • Uncover equipment issues before they become costly problems
  • No additional maintenance required for TES
Preserve Food Quality & Shelf Life
  • More stable temperatures
  • Minimize micro-thawing and large crystal formations in food
  • Reporting & documentation for chain-of-cold verification
  • 3X longer thermal back-up resiliency
  • Reduces temperature stratification
Improve Profitability
  • TES-as-a-Service fixed monthly subscription
  • No upfront capital cost
  • Guaranteed energy savings
  • Cash-flow positive from day one
  • Monitoring and maintenance included
  • Off balance sheet service agreement
Watch the video to hear about the cost savings, temperature improvements, and resiliency benefits from one of our customers who has cut their annual energy costs by almost 50%.


You can also read the case study here.
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