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Find out how much you can save by reducing your refrigeration energy consumption

Viking Cold’s Thermal Energy Storage System makes it possible for cold storage facilities to reduce energy costs by up to 35% while improving temperature stability. With a presence at the industry’s leading events, we’re always available to discuss how we can achieve cost savings for your business. Just drop by our stand and speak to one of the team or click the link to arrange a time to meet.

Upcoming Events

GCCE 2019
June 10-12, 2019.
Mccormick Place
Chicago, IL

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A major annual industry fixture, Global Cold Chain Expo and Conference covers all aspects of frozen, refrigerated, ambient and fresh operations, from retail, foodservice, processing and production through to distribution, logistics and transportation. Viking Cold will be on hand to discuss how Thermal Energy Storage technology can deliver operational efficiencies and significant cost savings in cold storage warehouses, supermarkets, restaurants, and food processing facilities.

AES 2019
June 13-14, 2019.
International Convention Centre

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AES is Australia’s premier event focused on large-scale energy storage. The event provides an opportunity to explore how industry is making steps towards cleaner, more cost-effective energy use. To complement this, Viking Cold is hosting a pre-conference event on June 12 at the New South Wales Food Bank, where Sales Director Adam Valmoro will discuss the potential for energy-efficient cold chain solutions to help avoid food waste and support causes tackling hunger.

ASHRAE 2019 – Kansas City
June 22-26, 2019.
Kansas City, MO

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With a technical program featuring over 100 sessions, the 2019 ASHRAE Annual Conference highlights best practice and innovative design strategies across all areas of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R). With an emphasis on sustainable energy, attendees will learn how technologies such as Viking Cold’s Thermal Energy Storage system are bringing energy efficiencies and cost savings to the fore in the design, selection, and operation of HVAC&R systems.

SEPA 2019
July 29-August 1, 2019.
Grand Hyatt
Washington, DC

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For key stakeholders in electricity, the 2019 SEPA Grid Evolution Summit acts as a focal point to come together and generate ideas on how to modernize the sector, from regulators, ISOs and utilities to technology providers, academics and government agencies. Workshops, keynotes and working group meetings provide the platform to evaluate and review new opportunities, including the demand shifting capabilities and grid benefits delivered by technologies such as Thermal Energy Storage from Viking Cold.

Viking Cold’s Thermal Energy Storage System makes it possible for cold storage facilities to reduce energy costs by up to 35% while improving temperature stability. We speak and exhibit at the industry’s leading events. Find us at any show or book a meeting to learn how to improve the efficiency of your cold storage facility.

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Whether at an event, over the phone or online, you can always contact us for more information, to arrange a free facility evaluation or to discuss partnership opportunities.

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