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Upcoming Events

Frosty Acres CFO IT Logistics Workshop
February 5, 2019.
Saddlebrook Resort
Tampa, FL

Meet us at the Event

Since its foundation as the Frozen Food Forum in 1964, Frosty Acres has been at the forefront of innovation in the foodservice industry, and runs numerous events through the year. With cost and environmental issues now so central to all parts of the food cold chain Viking Cold Solutions, with thermal storage technology that saves money, reduces food waste and reduces carbon footprint, will be speaking at the CFO IT Logistics Workshop in Tampa.

NGA Show
February 24-27, 2019.
Convention Center
San Diego, CA

Meet us at the Event

In February 2019 independent retailers and wholesalers gather in San Diego for the annual trade conference of The National Grocers Association, The NGA Show, to explore the latest technologies, products, solutions, and best practices, through workshops and networking. Viking Cold Solutions, with industry-leading thermal management technology that can save money, reduce environmental impact an minimize food waste, will be speaking at the event.

Viking Cold’s Thermal Energy Storage System makes it possible for cold storage facilities to reduce energy costs by up to 35% while improving temperature stability. We speak and exhibit at the industry’s leading events. Find us at any show or book a meeting to learn how to improve the efficiency of your cold storage facility.


Contact us online for a free facility evaluation, partnership opportunities, or general sales requests.

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