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Viking Cold Cooling Systems
Viking Cold cooling systems

Become a Viking Cold Solutions Authorized Distribution Partner

Grow your business.
Increase revenue and profitability for your business by providing Thermal Energy Storage solutions to your existing customers in the cold storage or supermarket sectors.

Grow your customer base.
Viking Cold refers new customers to authorized distributors who are looking to install our system.

Gain a competitive advantage.
Our system is patented and can reduce energy consumption by 20%-35% or more in low temperature cold storage warehouses and supermarkets. Our solution is a unique combination of performance, cost savings, thermal backup protection, carbon footprint reduction, and ease of installation.

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Viking Cold cooling systems

How to Apply

Partner Eligibility
Authorized Distribution Partners buy direct from Viking Cold on a make to order basis. Each customer installation is specifically designed by Viking Cold and you have no inventory to manage. Payback periods for our solution are less than 36 months in select markets.

To be considered as a distributor, your business must be well-established, in good standing, fully licensed and insured, and have access to the cold storage and supermarket business sectors. Having an established customer base and the ability to install our product are requirements to become a Viking Cold distributor.

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    To submit your application, please complete the form below. This initial set of questions helps Viking Cold understand your capabilities.
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