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As Viking Cold Solutions™ grows we are looking for energetic talent to join our team to be part of our success.
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Viking Cold Solutions is the leading sustainability technology for temperature-controlled logistics. Our intelligent Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems minimize energy use while better protecting food inside frozen food warehouses, supermarkets, and restaurants across the globe. We are seeking talented and motivated individuals to join our team and help us continue to tackle some of the world’s biggest energy and food challenges with our award-winning TES technology.

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Viking Cold Solutions is pleased to be able to offer students an alternative to interning at large corporations. Our interns have a unique opportunity to experience what it’s like to work at an early stage company in Houston, Texas. Viking Cold’s interns work alongside permanent staff on various projects and are often involved in decision making. That provides our interns with industry comparisons and alternate perspectives while assisting in their career choices.

We have been sponsoring our internship program since 2016 and have been impressed by the talent we have found at both Rice University and the University of Houston. The students have successfully helped the company with a variety of projects, such as:

  • Redesigning of Thermal Energy Storage (TES) bottle
  • Energy-saving analytics to improve our existing models
  • Sales financing models


For permanent, full-time employees, Viking Cold Solutions™ offers market-based compensation and incentives; along with competitive benefits: employer-matching 401K, paid time off, ten paid holidays per year, and health, dental, and vision insurance.

Viking Cold Solutions, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, or genetic information. All employment decisions are based on business needs, job requirements, individual qualifications, and performance. We are committed to providing all employees with a diverse, inclusive, and positive work environment, and we do not tolerate any discrimination or harassment based on any of the above characteristics or on any other status protected by local, state, or federal laws.


Charles, Mechanical Engineer Intern | May 2022 – August 2022 | B.S. Aerospace Engineering | University of Texas at Austin

Viking Cold has been my first internship and set a very high standard. My colleagues and coworkers have been kind and respectful while teaching me a great deal about the day-to-day experience in an engineering company. The company culture was one of my favorite things about the company. Three days a week, anyone in the office would gather around the lunch table, and we would talk, creating a close working atmosphere. If I ever needed help, advice, or discussion of a project idea, my boss and coworkers were willing to listen and help.

The project portfolio I was assigned was challenging but rewarded me with new skills and techniques. While working here, I learned to wear many hats through my diverse project catalog. A few projects I worked on were an excel predictive Energy Model, a Case Study, and the brainstorming and design of a new product.

I learned a great deal during my internship here at Viking Cold. I have improved my skills in Excel, Solidworks, and AutoCAD dramatically in just a few months with the help of my coworkers and my project load. Anyone looking for a tight nit culture and fast-paced internship, Viking Cold is for you.

Max, Mechanical Engineer Intern | November 2020 – August 2021 | B.S. Mechanical Engineering | University of Texas at San Antonio 

Viking Cold allowed me to experience what working as an engineer in a small company is like. Day to day operations are constant and each employee wears multiple hats to complete projects, troubleshoot existing sites, and ensure they are delivering on their promises. This fast-paced environment is what I enjoyed most about my experience, as I was handed multiple projects and was given the responsibility to set my priorities and make sure I completed them on time.

While my main project was constructing a Utility Billing Model in Excel, I was given side projects that increased my understanding of the company and how the employees work together. With the combination of a long-term project and short term reactive problem-solving, I was able to see how a Viking Cold engineer works day to day. These experiences gave me the opportunity to increase my Excel knowledge, as well as learn software like Energy Toolbase, to research how it can complement Viking Cold’s current models allowing them to deliver the most accurate information to their clients. Additionally, Viking Cold helped increase my business acumen by exposing me to financial documents and models. Seeing what they looked like in practice helped me understand what I was learning in my MBA courses.

My experience at Viking Cold was something that presented opportunity after opportunity to learn and grow not only within the company, but as an engineer and student. I was immediately included into the family and received support and guidance from my mentor and colleagues when needed. Overall, I had a tremendous experience and would recommend the opportunity to anyone who enjoys the ability to experience a full-time position within an internship.

Kevin, Software Developer Intern | May 2019 – May 2020 | B.S. Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics | University of Houston

My Internship gave much-needed insight into the real world of software development and later evolved into a full-time position at Viking Cold. Everyone, even those outside of the software team were approachable, including the CEO. My opinions, ideas, and concerns were met with open ears and never pushed to the side.

I was swiftly given a major project where I was responsible for the design and solution for integrating SMS messages into an already existing notification distribution system. Everyone was quick to answer any questions and give advice as needed which allowed me to learn from a real-world application.

Overall, I learned an absurd amount during my internship. I received hands-on experience working in a development team, giving me valuable skills that will stay with me throughout my career. I strongly recommend this internship to those looking to gain experience with industry standards while expanding your knowledge of leading-edge technology.

Gentry, CAD Engineer Intern | May 2017 – August 2017 | B.S. Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Engineering Design and Computational and Applied Mathematics | Rice University

I had a fantastic experience at Viking Cold. From the very first day, I got to take part in some of the company’s top-priority projects, such as designing the next generation of the PCM bottle. Originally, I had just been given the task of making a catalog of 3D models of electronics and mechanical parts, but I was enlisted to create CAD parts for bottles, supporting wire decks, and shelving units for new installation projects. Not only did I become much more proficient in SolidWorks, but I also got my first big taste of working in a high-functioning team with real deadlines. Real money was on the line if we didn’t meet our goals.

The internship was constructed superbly. I had easy access to everyone working at Viking Cold, including the CEO. All the Viking Cold employees worked together as a big family, and they included me among their ranks. Everyone was quick to offer help when I asked for it. My supervisors checked with me often to acquire feedback and determine whether I was satisfied. They gave me a great amount of power over my own experience, including the ability to diversify my task list. I learned first-hand about the importance of communication – making my preferences known significantly enhanced my experience.

Overall, I learned a huge amount from my time at Viking Cold. I learned what was really like to work in industry, which will greatly factor into my career deliberations. My SolidWorks skills have dramatically improved. I highly recommend this internship for anyone seeking to gain industry experience in a personalized, small-company setting.

Peter, Mechanical Engineer Intern | May 2017 – August 2017 | B.S. Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Computational and Applied Mathematics | Rice University

Viking Cold allowed me to really experience the breadth of day to day work as an engineer. For my primary goal of optimizing our predictive model, I was able to work on and approach the problem as I saw fit. The principal mechanical engineer would happily answer any questions I had or suggest an alternative course of action if I ever felt like I needed guidance, but most of the time I was responsible for attacking this open ended problem myself. I feel like this was a fantastic indicator of how working full time as an engineer is going to be.

Furthermore, the small size of the company really made me feel like I was contributing in a meaningful fashion and inspired me to always be pulling my weight. I had real assignments that directly helped the company and made my work feel valued.

Siddharth, Business Development Intern | May 2017 – August 2017 | Master of Business Administration | Rice University

My internship experience was much better than I expected. The internship started with three major projects which required understanding of finance and accounting. The most cherished part of my internship was the opportunity of working with the top leadership team, this provided me a great insight of Corporate America. The internship helped me to find gaps in my understanding of business world. I took courses such as go-to-market strategy, decision model, and process improvement based on my internship experience.

For future interns my message would be – the ultimate selling point for Viking Cold’s internship is that fact that the company is in its startup phase. Thus, the pace of idea generation and implementation is high. Also, one should try to add more dimensions to their internship experience by taking more side projects.

Nabiha, Software Engineer Intern | April 2016 – December 2016 | B.S. Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics | University of Houston

My internship with Viking Cold was a blast because I got hands-on industry experience that is challenging to get in a lecture hall. Also, the management was so easy to get along with, and as you start your career, you learn that having a great relationship with your supervisor plays a huge role in the overall enjoyment of any workplace. Lastly, this internship never interfered with my school work. There was always flexibility whenever I had a big exam to study for or a group project to work on.

Carlos, Software Engineer Intern | May 2016 – December 2016 | B.S. Computer Science | University of Houston

My biggest takeaway from Viking Cold is the experience I gained. A huge benefit of working at a smaller firm, specifically at Viking Cold, is that I was given a lot of responsibility. Something that did not happen when I interned at other bigger places. I was allowed to give input in design, to make mistakes, and ultimately to learn. Through Viking Cold I learned how to make an API using various services from AWS (Amazon Web Services), javascript, JSON, NoSQL etc. That experience proved invaluable, and it opened up the doors for employment at multiple fortune 100 companies. The experience I gained put me way ahead of my peers, and recruiters definitely noticed.

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