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August 27, 2018

All the Green, None of the Cost (Progressive Grocer Guest Blog)

Sustainability is a growing priority in the grocery and cold-storage worlds, and new technology implementations require investment.  Progressive Grocer has posted a blog article that outlines how grocers and operators can add thermal energy storage with no upfront investment and be cash-flow positive from day one. They can now expand their green initiatives, lower energy costs, protect their food, and reduce their carbon footprint without capital expenditures or tying up credit.

August 22, 2018

Release: Study Confirms 43% Decrease in Energy Consumption in an Ammonia-Refrigerated Warehouse with Viking Cold’s TES Technology

Study Confirms 43% Decrease in Energy Consumption in an Ammonia-Refrigerated Warehouse with Viking Cold Solutions’ Thermal Energy Storage Technology – Significant Benefits for Cold Storage and Grid Operators

Richmond, CA and Houston, TX (Business Wire) — Viking Cold Solutions, the leading Thermal Energy Storage (TES) provider for the low-temperature cold storage industry, announced that its measurement and verification (M&V) study on Viking Cold’s TES technology at Dreisbach Enterprises’ 93,000 square foot frozen food distribution center in Richmond, CA  shows significant operational and financial benefits for utilities and the cold storage industry. The study demonstrated the ability of TES to mitigate the facility’s 13-hour peak period by simultaneously:

  • reducing peak period energy consumption by up to 43 percent
  • reducing peak demand within this peak period by up to 29 percent
  • maintaining 50 percent more stable temperatures

Refrigeration is the third highest electricity consuming utility category, and the cold storage industry is a prime target for load distribution management solutions. Cold storage operators, the grocery industry, and utilities challenged with managing peak loads on the electrical grid can all benefit from the refrigeration efficiency and load shift capabilities of TES.

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August 6, 2018

Frozen Foods Europe Exclusive: Protecting Food Supply in Extreme Weather

As weather conditions become more extreme around the globe (heat waves, hurricanes, wild fires, flooding) and more frequently affect the power supply, how are cold storage operators adding protection for their food product?Frozen Foods Europe has published an article outlining the role of Thermal Energy Storage (TES) in protecting frozen food from extreme weather incidents and how TES can also be used to reduce energy costs everyday in-between.

July 2, 2018

Viking Cold Named to Food Logistics’ Top Green Providers List for 2018

Viking Cold Solutions earns a spot on the coveted Food Logistics’ 2018 Top Green Providers list, our second year in a row!  The award is presented to companies who promote sustainability in their operations and/or to their customers.  Viking Cold continues to transform energy efficiency of cold storage facilities and supermarket freezers through its innovative application of Phase Change Materials and intelligent controls.

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May 25, 2018

Thermal Energy Storage: The Key to Energy Efficiency in the Cold Chain (Progressive Grocer Guest Blog)

Do you know how much energy the cold storage industry uses every year? How do energy prices, corporate sustainability initiatives, and governmental efficiency targets affect current and future operations for grocers and other cold storage facilities?  In his guest blog for Progressive Grocer, Viking Cold’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Collin Coker, discusses these issues and a solution to reducing energy costs in the cold chain.

Progressive Grocer has been the voice of the retail food industry since 1922. By anticipating, reporting and interpreting the grocery industry’s top trends and information, Progressive Grocer fulfills its mission to stay Ahead of What’s Next.

May 9, 2018

Green Lights for Thermal Energy Storage (Feature Article in Frozen Foods Europe)

European publication Frozen Foods Europe featured an article discussing how Viking Cold’s Thermal Energy Storage (TES) technology will help cold storage providers meet the EU’s energy goals. Our TES systems help meet these standards by reducing energy consumption, improving refrigeration efficiencies, and providing energy storage capacity in situations when alternative generation sources like solar and wind are being implemented.

Frozen Food Europe is dedicated to management level professionals in the frozen food industry: retailers, food service and catering, importers, exporters, producers, equipment manufacturers, providers of cold storage solutions, and processing plants and factories.

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