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VIDEO: Why we do what we do

With easy to install, proven thermal energy management technology Viking Cold Solutions delivers 20%-35% reductions in energy consumption. Our passive cold storage system has been tested and installed by customers across the United States, generating data and case studies proving the environmental benefit, operational simplicity and significant cost savings of the technology. Watch how Viking Cold Solutions technology is installed in a facility with no disruption to operations. Learn how the San Diego Food Bank reduced their refrigeration energy consumption by 39%. Hear how a cold storage facility saw a return on their investment in just three years. And find out how the technology was developed, how it works, and how it is already saving money for business like yours every day.

Why we do what we do.

The world's growing needs for energy and food are two of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions. Viking Cold's Thermal Energy Storage technology provides energy efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability at the intersection of these two needs - Cold Storage. Find out how we're protecting food, stabilizing the grid, lowering energy costs, and improving the environment.

TES System Components
See the benefits of all three system components and how they work together to improve efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability in commercial and industrial refrigeration facilities.
TES System Installation
See how easily all three TES system components integrate with refrigeration, racking, and control systems during and after installation.
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