Frequently Asked Questions
A quick reference to common questions about our Thermal Energy Storage system.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the most common questions we receive.  If you still have questions that we have not addressed, please reach out to us here.


What is Thermal Energy Storage (TES)?

TES is the storing of excess thermal energy (energy in a system due to its temperature) for future use, typically to balance energy demand.


How does your Thermal Energy Storage system work?

The Viking Cold TES system leverages existing refrigeration equipment in low-temperature facilities to freeze Phase Change Material (PCM) when energy costs are lower and system efficiencies can be exploited. This allows intelligent controls to turn off refrigeration equipment during periods of high energy costs while the PCM maintains temperature stability and low energy consumption. The result is 20% to 35% lower energy costs, 38% greater temperature stability and more efficient, longer lasting refrigeration systems.


What is included in the Viking Cold Solutions TES system?

Our Thermal Energy Storage system includes three components:

  1. Phase Change Material (PCM)
  2. Intelligent Control System
  3. Remote Monitoring, Reporting, and Notification Software


What is a Phase Change Material (PCM)?

A Phase Change Material (PCM) is a substance with a high latent heat of fusion which can remain a consistent temperature while storing and releasing large amounts of energy as it transitions between solid and liquid states. While changing phases our engineered PCM absorbs 300 times more heat than food.


is your Phase Change material safe?

All our PCM formulations are comprised of deionized water and inorganic salts. They are food safe and environmentally friendly. The system lasts over 20 years is 100% recyclable.


Are there any mechanical parts in your TES system?

No. There are no mechanical parts (pumps, motors, actuators, compressors, etc.) in our TES system. They leverage existing refrigeration equipment. The PCM is housed in self-contained cells mounted in stationary positions throughout the facility.


which refrigeration systems Integrate with your TES system work?

Our solution is refrigeration system agnostic and works with any properly maintained system.


which control systems Integrate with your TES system work?

Our TES system is extremely flexible and can be integrated with any existing control system. We also have our own control system that can drive the refrigeration system in conjunction with our PCM.


Does the Viking Cold TES system affect other freezer components?

No. Our system actually integrates with existing racking systems, does not reduce any storage space, does not limit sprinkler or fire suppression systems, will not affect your commodity classification and will not impede or disrupt any logistical operations in your facility. In fact, the system’s controls and remote monitoring actually improve overall efficiencies and allow for predictive maintenance of other system components.


Can your system be installed into existing facilities (retrofit)?

Yes. Viking Cold systems can be installed as a retrofit, refurbishment or in new construction projects. The sooner they are installed, the sooner that facility will start to see reduced energy expenses, improved temperature stability and increased refrigeration system efficiencies.


What are typical energy savings?

Our clients typically save up to 35% of their energy expenses, and often times more, while maintaining greater temperature stability.


does the TES system maintain temperature stability?

Yes. Our TES system is engineered to maintain temperature stability within the specific temperature range for each facility; providing fewer fluctuations and a 38% slower rise in temperatures.


Can your system provide thermal backup protection?

Yes. In the event of power outages or equipment failure, we have seen temperatures remain stable three times longer with our TES system installed.


Does the TES system improve refrigeration efficiency?

Yes. The Viking Cold system maintains stable temperatures while allowing the existing refrigeration system to be turned off for extended periods of time. The reduced mechanical run time of the refrigeration equipment also leads to less maintenance and longer equipment life. When the systems are running, they run at full capacity at times when ambient temperatures are lower, maximizing condensing efficiency and less energy usage. Additionally the PCM transfers stored heat much more easily than frozen food therefor reducing the kWh required to remove the same amount of heat.


Does your system integrate with on-site solar power generation?

Yes. Our system pairs very well with onsite solar/PV generation to dramatically increase solar ROI. Our solar clients have seen a reduction of 39% annualized energy expenditures and 95% overnight grid reduction, directly addressing grid challenges related to the “duck curve”.


How long will your system last?

The life of the Viking Cold TES system is 20+ years.  


Has your TES system been approved or verified by any outside parties?

Yes.  Our system installations have been accepted and funded by numerous utilities as part of energy saving incentive programs, as well as being proven effective in a third-party validation study (click here) performed by the California Energy Commission’s Emerging Technology Coordinating Council.

Still have questions about our Thermal Energy Storage solution? Call +1 832.781.COLD or click here for more answers.

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