Grocery Business – Are You Meeting Scope 1, 2, and 3 Emissions Goals Like Your Competitors?

April 17, 2019 All News, Cold Storage, Energy Storage, News Articles, Supermarket

TES for scope 3 emission goals

An article on the Grocery Business website describes the importance of understanding multiple categories of sustainability standards and why each Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions goals are important for grocers to remain competitive. Learn more about the expectations of customers, competitors, investors, and even CPG brands for grocers to improve their sustainability. – Why low-carbon warehouses are even more important than you thought

April 10, 2019 All News, Cold Storage, Food Processing, News Articles, Supermarket

scope 3 emissions solution

Do you know what Scope 3 emissions are? If you own or manage a warehouse then you should understand what these customer requirements are and how to meet them to keep your current customers and attract new customers. published an article about the increasing demand from CPG, retailers, and end consumers for distribution partners to become more sustainable and how warehouse operators can meet Scope 3 emissions standards.

Food Processing – How Refrigeration Systems Can Be Enhanced for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

March 26, 2019 All News, Cold Storage, Food Processing, News Articles, Supermarket

Food Processing Thermal Energy StorageFood and beverage manufacturing magazine Food Processing has published an article outlining innovations that improve refrigeration systems in food processing and food storage. Viking Cold’s thermal energy storage system is highlighted as one of the technologies providing efficiency and improving refrigeration operations.

Microgrid Knowledge highlights growing Thermal Energy Storage applications

March 25, 2019 All News, Cold Storage, Energy Storage, News Articles, Solar + Storage, Supermarket, Utility & Grid

Microgrid KnowledgeThis article on highlights the growing application of Thermal Energy Storage (TES) in refrigeration applications to lower the energy demand and the energy consumption of commercial and industrial refrigerated facilities. A number of Viking Cold projects are referenced including a California Energy Commission program inside a Whole Foods store with the goal of a Net Zero grocery store, pairing TES with onsite solar generation, and a demand management program with Massachusettes’ largest utility – Eversource.

Grocery Business – How Grocers Can Boost Sustainability, Store Traffic, and Profits

March 7, 2019 All News, Cold Storage, News Articles, Supermarket

Thermal energy storage for grocery sustainabilityConsumers are making buying decisions based on the sustainability of the brands they buy and the retailers that sell them. Not only are customers driving grocers to focus more on sustainability, but being sustainable can also drive profits. Grocery Business posted an article describing how TES helps grocers reach sustainability goals faster and improve the bottom line.

Modern Equipment Manufacturer – Making the global cold chain more efficient

February 1, 2019 All News, Cold Storage, Food Processing, News Articles, Supermarket

Modern Equipment ManufacturerModern Equipment Manufacturer covers the news, trends, and advancements being made in the manufacturing and cloud-enabling of equipment. They interviewed Viking Cold’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Collin Coker, after his presentation at the ASHRAE Winter Conference in Atlanta. Read the article about how Thermal Energy Storage is improving the cold chain by increasing refrigeration efficiency and providing valuable insight and data to food producers, foodservice distributors, and cold storage companies around the world.

Meat Packing Journal – Storing Cold Saves Money

January 16, 2019 All News, Cold Storage, Food Processing, News Articles, Supermarket

Meat Packing Journal - Storing Cold Saves MoneyMeat Packing Journal published an article presenting the improvements TES brings to low-temperature cold storage facilities.  Part of that article was an interview with Viking Cold’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Collin Coker, to discuss how TES improves efficiency and how Thermal Energy Storage as a Service (TESaaS) is helping cold storage operators and grocers add TES with no upfront investment and guaranteed savings every month.

Supply & Demand Chain Executive Green Supply Chain Award for Viking Cold

December 10, 2018 All News, Cold Storage, News Articles, Supermarket

Green Supply Chain Award for Viking ColdSupply & Demand Chain Executive annual Green Supply Chain Award winners for 2018 have been announced and Viking Cold is proud to be one of this year’s recipients. The award recognizes providers of supply chain solutions and services assisting their customers in achieving measurable sustainability goals. You can view the full list of 2018 Green Supply Chain Award winners here.

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