Long-Duration Thermal Storage on Greentech Media

July 31, 2020

A recent piece on GreetechMedia.com shows how Dreisbach Enterprises have seen cost savings and performance improvements after installing Viking Cold’s long-duration thermal storage technology in their cold-storage facility in California.

James Dreisback, the owner of Dreisback Enterprises, explains why, from a range of energy-efficiency and demand-response programs available to the company, his company selected Viking’s offering.

“What Viking Cold has allowed us to do is [to avoid] sub-cooling to the degree that we had, and then ride it out for much longer,” he explains in the report. “Instead of six hours, we ride 12 or 13 hours, six days a week, without turning on our more major compressors.” The result is a 22-month payback period instead of 36, with a range of additional benefits – increased employee comfort, reduced operations and maintenance costs, and improved temperature stability.

The Greentech Media piece also discusses the success of the technology in the San Diego Food Bank, which, since installing Viking Cold’s thermal energy storage system, has been able to shut down compressors overnight and leverage its onsite solar array to power more of the refrigeration during the day, reducing its morning peak to generate energy savings of nearly 40%.

The business landscape for long-duration thermal energy storage is shifting, the story reports. Dozens of utilities now offer incentives to support the installation of Thermal Energy Storage (TES) technologies, the TES market is growing, and Viking Cold’s sales teams see increasing numbers of inbound inquiries.

As James Bell, President and CEO of Viking Cold Solutions, is quoted as saying at the conclusion of the report: “Down the road, I see this looking like insulation did 100 years ago. Now you wouldn’t even consider a building without insulation. Going forward, why would anyone build a temperature-controlled facility without the efficiency and resiliency of TES?”

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