MA Food Companies Earn Revenue & Cut Energy Costs
TES from Viking Cold cuts energy costs, generates annual utility revenue up to $225 per kW
How TES Saves Energy in The Bay State

Massachusetts Funds Thermal Energy Storage Systems to Cuts Energy Costs

Massachusetts utilities are funding Thermal Energy Storage (TES) technology from Viking Cold Solutions that cuts energy costs and enables program participation that pays monthly revenue to customers.

TES safely enables multiple programs from both major Massachusetts utilities National Grid and Eversource Energy that offer significant incentives throughout the year.

These programs benefit food processors, foodservice distributors, 3PLs, and retailers with high refrigeration energy demand by paying for TES technology that allows them to safely reduce energy costs and GHG emissions without risks to the temperatures inside their facilities or to the food they store.


Cost Benefits of TES for MA Cold Storage Facilities

The good news for cold storage operators and food processors in Massachusetts is that Thermal Energy Storage (TES) from Viking Cold Solutions improves their freezer operations and their bottom lines in many ways:

1. TES technology cuts costs immediately by reducing overall energy consumption (kWh) and providing the flexibility to minimize peak demand (kW) periods that deliver ICAP reductions and savings. 

2. TES systems provide energy flexibility to participate in revenue-generating utility programs that pay monthly incentives to customers and the flexibility to adjust to energy market changes in the future.

3. Freezer facilities are able to optimize operations by safely reducing energy while maintaining required temperatures and adding 3X longer temperature resiliency during a loss of power or refrigeration.

4. TES technology and installations costs qualify for custom incentive programs and could be fully funded by utilities.

Visit our TES for Cold Storage Warehouses page to learn more about the energy, temperature, resiliency, and sustainability benefits of our cutting-edge thermal energy storage systems.

Watch the video to hear about the cost savings, temperature improvements, and resiliency benefits from one of our customers who has cut their annual energy costs by almost 50%.


You can also read the case study here.

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Food Processing Magazine Food Processing – Emerging Food Safety Technologies

Food Processing Magazine has published an eHandbook outlining new technologies that food processors can use to improve food safety and food quality in their operations.  A number of new food processing technologies and their benefits are described including the food quality and energy-saving benefits of thermal energy storage.

Food Logistics Magazine Food Logistics – Should Frozen Food Be a Battery?

The May 2019 edition of Food Logistics includes an article outlining the risks of using frozen food as a battery for flywheeling. The article also discusses using Viking Cold's Thermal Energy Storage systems as an alternative temperature capacitor to achieve even better flywheeling results, reduce the risks of flywheeling, and provide additional benefits. Utility-sponsored programs that can subsidize or entirely cover the system and installation costs are also discussed.

ProFood World - Transform your operation from energy consumer to energy producer ProFood World - Transform your operation from energy consumer to energy producer

ProFood World, a leading food and beverage manufacturing publication, recognized Viking Cold's Thermal Energy Storage technology as one of the technologies empowering food producers to lower energy costs and to help reach corporate responsibility and sustainability goals.

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