Funding MN & CO Cold Storage Technology Upgrades
Xcel Energy funds food producers, distributors, and retailers to cut energy costs & protect food with TES.
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Xcel Energy Funds Cold Storage Technology Upgrades for Thermal Energy Storage in Colorado and Minnesota

The technology inside commercial and industrial freezers such as warehouse management systems, warehouse automation, artificial intelligence, and Thermal Energy Storage (TES) is advancing quickly. The ripple effects across the food industry from COVID-19 have further exposed the needs for facility upgrades and have accelerated the adoption of many of these technologies.

As utilities across the state continue to invest in infrastructure upgrades and more sustainable generation methods as mandated by the state, energy markets in the state will soon be changing. Utilities continue to implement new rate structures, tariffs, and incentive programs that benefit customer facilities that have energy flexibility.


MN & CO Utility Funding TES for Cold Storage Cost Reduction & Resiliency

Now is the perfect time to join other cold storage operations and finance professionals upgrading cold storage facilities in Colorado or Minnesota. The good news for frozen food producers and cold storage operators is that Xcel Energy is currently funding technology upgrades that can safely reduce energy demand in facilities with large energy needs (like those of us in the food & beverage and cold storage industries).

Viking Cold’s Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems and their installation costs could be covered up to 90% by Xcel Energy’s custom efficiency program. The TES system’s intelligence platform optimizes refrigeration energy use and temperatures in refrigerated environments across the cold chain by making real-time decisions and leveraging the unique thermodynamic properties of TES (See how it works in the video above).

With TES technology cold storage facilities can save on energy now and have the energy flexibility to adapt to changes in future energy tariff structures or utility programs.

TES Benefits for MINNESOTA & Colorado Frozen Food Storage

1. Cut energy costs:
    a. Reduce overall kWh consumption.
    b. Safely shift refrigeration load to avoid up to 13 hours of demand or time-of-use charges.
2. Upgrade your facility’s energy flexibility for today and tomorrow’s energy landscape.
3. Stay ahead of your competitors by reducing operating expenses.
4. Extend temperature resiliency 3X during unplanned power outages or equipment failure.
5. Better protect food quality and shelf life.
6. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reach sustainability goals faster.
7. TES does not require any additional real estate, maintenance, or grid interconnectivity.
8. Viking Cold facilitates utility applications for funding up to 90% of TES system and installation.

To determine how TES can improve your facility’s energy use, temperature stability, and resiliency plus be funded up to 90% contact us for a free consultation.

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