Viking Cold Thermal Energy Storage System Reduces Frozen Gourmet’s Energy Costs by Over 27%

July 21, 2017 Blog Articles, Cold Storage, Food Processing, Supermarket

TES System Reduces Frozen Gourmet’s Energy Costs by Over 27%

For businesses in the frozen food market, energy costs are a major expense. Reducing the electricity used in storage facilities directly impacts the bottom line, making it a top priority for owners and operators. Cold storage operators who make the move to an innovative thermal energy storage system will realize significant cost savings, enhanced product monitoring, and protection for low temperature cold storage.

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How Thermal Energy Storage Works to Save You Money

February 16, 2017 Blog Articles, Cold Storage, Cold Storage Construction, Food Processing, Supermarket

Energy is fundamental to human life, but why does it have to be so expensive? The cost of powering lights, heating, ventilation, and cooling systems can have a substantial impact on a commercial consumer’s bottom line. At Viking Cold Solutions, we believe organizations with refrigeration needs shouldn’t have to spend considerable financial resources on energy costs. That’s why we develop energy saving solutions for businesses like grocers, warehouse operators, and food processing facilities with specific temperature needs.

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