Podcast: Risk Reduction to the Cold Chain – MarketScale Energy

September 9, 2019

On the MarketScale Energy podcast, President & CEO James Bell explores risk reduction in the cold chain. Dealing with frozen food has a lot of inherent risks: which include the enormous and continuous energy required to safely store frozen food, the variable and continually increasing energy prices, potential loss of power due to increasingly more common natural disasters, refrigeration system mechanical failures, and ultimately liability for lost or damaged product. Thermal Energy Storage (TES) can address each of these issues to add resiliency and efficiency, as well as reduce risks in the storage of frozen food applications.

Additionally, TES can help utilities and power providers with demand management on the grid and can also help them defer costs associated with building additional generation capacity. Anywhere there is a temperature-controlled environment, particularly in frozen food where energy demand is the greatest, TES should be a part of the energy management solution.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about how TES can reduce risk in commercial and industrial refrigeration.

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