Real-Time Energy Consumption Reporting Lowers Utility Bills

April 12, 2017

Real-Time Energy Consumption Reporting Lowers Utility BillsBills – no one likes getting them, especially when they’re hard to decipher. Energy bills can be particularly challenging to understand, with few people able to wrap their heads around all the technical elements listed on a monthly statement. But for businesses with operations that consume a great deal of energy, being able to make sense of a utility bill is critical to ensuring expenses stay low.

Cold storage warehouses, supermarkets, and other temperature controlled facilities with high refrigeration-based energy loads must have a thorough understanding of their utility charges in order to effectively manage all energy related costs.

Commercial Electricity Costs

Electricity costs can depend on a variety of factors, such as how much total energy is consumed, how stable the energy load may or may not be, and the time of day the energy is consumed. All of which can significantly impact a bill. Most bills don’t provide granular data revealing the exact time a facility reached its peak demand or when the most electricity was consumed. Additionally, there is no information on how electricity usage fluctuated relative to another point in time. Are most of the charges the result of an energy peak at 7:30 AM, or did the peak come at 5:00 PM? On what day of the week did the peak occur – Tuesday, Thursday, maybe even Saturday? How much energy is being used on the weekend relative to operating hours during the week? This detailed data can arm utility customers with insights on how much energy they are consuming, and guide decision-making to optimize operations for effective cost savings.

Viking Cold Performance Reports

In order to return even greater value to our customers, Viking Cold Solutions provides daily visibility to the facility energy consumption along with detailed performance reports. This level of visibility also provides invaluable predictive capabilities and insight into equipment runtime and allows the operator to readily recognize potential equipment failures. This information ultimately drives actions for optimal efficiency and greater effective energy usage. Our patented, passive system protects food, reduces spoilage, saves energy, and reduces carbon footprint without the need to modify or replace refrigeration equipment. The energy management controller provides the intelligence required to leverage the thermal energy benefits from our phase change material, reducing consumption, shifting load and yielding lower costs.

Knowledge is power, and it can also save money. Common utility bills don’t provide comprehensive information to help customers fully understand how to effectively manage their energy consumption. Empowering the customer with visibility into their energy usage enables practical actions. Viking Cold Solutions’ cloud-based command and control portal brings the information right to your fingertips, and recommendations provide guidance as to how to get the most out of the cold storage operation, at the lowest possible cost. To find out more about our thermal energy management solutions and real-time reporting, visit us online at today!

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