Frozen Gourmet installs a Viking Cold Thermal Energy Storage system reducing energy costs by over 27%

April 20, 2017

Viking Cold Thermal Energy Storage system reducing energy costs by over 27%An innovative thermal energy storage system provides significant cost savings, enhanced product monitoring, and protection for low temperature cold storage operators.

Frozen Gourmet, a dedicated Nestlé facility and a leading ice cream distribution company on the West Coast, has installed a Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system from Viking Cold Solutions™ and has reduced energy consumption over 27%.

Viking Cold’s patented Thermal Energy Storage system was installed at the end of 2016 and has reduced energy consumption by over 45,000 kWh since the beginning of 2017. The TES system also reduced peak demand charges by shifting electrical load to night time. The passive TES system stores energy at night for subsequent day use, allowing refrigeration to run less frequently and during off-peak rate hours. The result is significant cost and electricity savings, especially in California where expensive daytime demand charges are common.

“We searched for a year to find the right technology to reduce our energy costs and decided to purchase the Viking Cold TES system after seeing the capability and flexibility the system provides,” said Bill Kohn, CEO of Frozen Gourmet. “The reduction in energy consumption has improved our bottom line and the real-time monitoring has been invaluable in helping us recognize and address equipment issues before expensive problems arise.”

The Frozen Gourmet team has not only been able to reduce energy consumption but also maintain more stable temperatures inside their freezer with the integrated Viking Cold Energy Management System that monitors and optimizes the existing refrigeration equipment. Daily reports and alarm notifications alert the team in the event of temperature abnormalities, mechanical equipment failure, or power outages.

“Reducing energy consumption by 27% in a low temperature space is now possible with our passive Thermal Energy Storage system,” said James Bell, CEO of Viking Cold Solutions. “This technology is revolutionizing energy efficiency in the freezer space while helping to better protect the food with intelligent controls and sensors. There’s simply no other option available that combines efficiency and load management.”

In California, there is a $200 Million market opportunity for Viking Cold’s TES technology, which includes 570 million square feet of cold storage and approximately 8,210 grocery stores.

To learn more, watch Viking Cold’s 90 second video about how the TES works.

About Viking Cold Solutions:

Viking Cold Solutions™ is a thermal energy management company which makes the world’s cold storage systems more efficient using proprietary Phase Change Material (PCM) and intelligent controls. The passive Thermal Energy Storage (TES) solution stores energy, reduces demand, shifts load, monitors the facility, and provides thermal back-up protection. The company’s patented TES systems have saved over 8,100 MWh of energy, reduced carbon footprint by over 4,400 metric tons, and prevented more than $13M of product loss. Learn more at

Collin Coker
VP Sales & Marketing
Viking Cold Solutions


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