Viking Cold Named to Food Logistics’ Top Green Providers List for 2018

July 2, 2018

Viking Cold Named to Food Logistics’ Top Green Providers List for 2018

Viking Cold Solutions earns a spot on the coveted Food Logistics’ 2018 Top Green Providers list, our second year in a row!  The award is presented to companies who promote sustainability in their operations and/or to their customers.  Viking Cold continues to transform energy efficiency of cold storage facilities and supermarket freezers through its innovative application of Phase Change Materials and intelligent controls.

Viking Cold’s patented technology has been proven over years of performance to reduce energy costs up to 35% while stabilizing temperatures in cold storage warehouses and grocery store freezers by storing energy in the form of cold.

In addition to the energy cost savings, Viking Cold provides customers many unique and valuable benefits:

Reduce Energy Costs Up to 35%

  • Load Shift (Avoid Peak Pricing)
  • Load Reduction
  • Efficiency Improvements (Reduce Net Consumption)
  • Pairs with Alternative Energy Like Solar

Protect Temperature Stability

  • Absorbs 85% of Heat Infiltration
  • Decelerate Temperature Increases
  • Protect Food Quality & Shelf Life
  • 3X Longer Thermal Back-Up Protection
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring & Notification Software

Maximize Refrigeration Efficiencies

  • Reduce Mechanical Run Time
  • Run Equipment Fully Loaded
  • Shift More Run Time to Night (Lower Ambient Temperatures)
  • Remove heat with fewer kWh
  • No Additional Maintenance

We are proud to be recognized alongside other sustainability-minded companies in the Global Supply Chain and Food & Beverage industries.

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