Viking Cold Solutions Recognizes Plaza Provision Company with the Leadership in Sustainability Award

August 17, 2016

Leadership in Sustainability AwardSAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO August 17, 2016 – The Leadership in Sustainability Award program was conceived to recognize high-impact sustainable business accomplishments by Viking Cold Solutions’ partners.  James Bell, CEO of Viking Cold Solutions, presented the award to Robert Cimino, CEO of Plaza Provision Company, at the company headquarters in San Juan on Wednesday.

Plaza Provision Company, a leading food distributor in Puerto Rico, installed its first Viking Cold Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system in 2010.  Over the years, the company has reported a reduction in energy consumption by its freezers of over 30%.  This has reduced overall energy consumption by over 3,200 MWh and reduced carbon footprint by over 2,200 metric tons.  Plaza Provision Company maintains a strong environmental responsibility program and the energy savings from the Viking Cold system has been a significant part of lessening the environmental footprint of its operations.

This year Plaza Provision Company purchased its fourth TES system. The patented system stores energy at night for subsequent day use, allowing refrigeration equipment to run less frequently and at its maximum efficiency. Plaza Provision Company has helped to pioneer a technology that will continue to save energy, safeguard food products, and reduce carbon emissions while increasing the efficiency of their operations and the cold chain industry at-large.

To learn more, watch Viking Cold’s 90 second video about how the technology works. To see more details on the Plaza Provision Company case, click here.

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